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Suggestions to Save on Car Rentals in Malaysia

Renting a car for your travel, business or your leisure desire in Malaysia is a pleasing choose for many visitors and also tourists, business or official travellers and even for many locals (Malaysian).

The reason is might be because of the accessibility and its low-cost to renting a car in Malaysia. After all, sometimes to renting a car need to do a bit research due to numerous of car rental company in Malaysia from the local car hire to some international car rental which are available in many of states of Malaysia.

There was a time I decided to renting a car during my visit in Malaysia and I was looking for the best option for my rental purpose. It was important for me to renting a small car for 2 people with my limited budget I saved for renting a car in Malaysia.

At that time, the first think came in my mind was to look for car rental agency or car rental company preferably nearby my location.

I decided to go online and research for car rental company from my location that time I was staying in hotel in Kuala Lumpur and I just typed car rental in kuala lumpur or similar search like budget car rental kuala lumpur.

I did some other search like low cost car rental  in kl, economy car rental in kuala lumpur and so on. The car rental companies came up on the search result all were nearby my location and it was very convenient for to reach them with in 100 or 200 meter.

Here are my suggestions for those people traveling to Malaysia and they plan to renting a car during their visit in Malaysia.

  •    Always rent a car from licenced car rental company. 

In the event of an accident with or without casualties involved, the insurance will cover the hirer. How do we know if the car is licenced to be rent out? Licensed car rental company always display a piece of legal paper affix on the front windscreen near the usual road-tax sticker.

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